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CS169 Software Engineering - UC Berkeley EECS Department Dashboard

Date: Fall 2013
Disciplines: Data Visualization, Frontend Development, User Experience, Human Computer Interaction, User Interfaces
Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Cucumber/RSpec (for testing), Javascript, HighCharts/D3 for dynamic visualizations
Team: Mark Jouppi, Ashkon Soroudi, Liz Izzat, Jeff Butler, Shihao Ren, Nikolai Radnovic

Currently, UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff with an EECS research account must perform device registration, get software licenses, monitor their billing and data usage, and other tasks via separate, unintuitive web systems, many of which are over a decade old. The EECS IT Department came to us to have us create a single unified, easy-to-use system in which all of these EECS account management tasks can be performed. One of the most highly requested applications was billing and data usage management for EECS accounts, so our team built a system for this in a semester. We followed Agile development and frequently met with our EECS IT Department contact to iterate and improve. Although the EECS IT Department is still working on their backend API to connect EECS Department internal databases to our system, we have setup our system with dummy data for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to try it out and see our video presentation below.

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