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Cyber Physical Cloud Computing Lab

Date: Fall 2011, Spring 2012
Disciplines: Robotics, Unmanned Systems, Computer Vision, Embedded Systems
Technologies Used: Arduino, C/C++, Parot AR Drone, Robot Operating System (ROS), OpenCV
Team: Advised by grad students Hao Chen, Eloi Pereira, Rob Hansen. Collaborated with Abishek Akella.

At the CPCC Lab, I got to help build flying wing UAVs and work on flight software for the ArduPilot Mega. These UAVs were used to collect environmental data in the form of air CO2 levels. Later, they were also used in experiments for maritime search and rescue by flying over the ocean while automatically detecting and tracking boats. I also implemented computer vision on low cost Parrot AR Drone quadrotors using ROS and OpenCV. Please see CPCC website below for more info.

CPCC's Flying Wing UAV

UAV I helped build, based on RiteWing Zephyr, equipped with Arduino-based ArduPilot Mega autopilot. Image courtesy: Pereira, et al (2013), "The C3UV Testbed for Collaborative Control and Information Acquisition Using UAVs".

CO2 Concentration Measurement

Video credit: Eloi Pereira, Hao Chen, Rob Hansen

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